Bass Fishing in Ontario
Catch Largemouth bass in Ontario on a fly-in dayout fishing trip.

A catch and release fly-in fishing trip with True North Outposts my be at the top of your list while staying at one of the resorts on Clearwater Lake during your fishing vacation.

True North has lakes that are full of Largemouth bass. On average they run from 2-4 pounds with the opportunity to catch that 5+ pound monster.

Bass have 6 senses: Along with the normal, hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch they also have the lateral line, wich is the most impportant, a series of sensitive nerve endings that extends from behind the gill to the tail on both sides of the fish. The lateral line picks up underwater vibrations.

Bait to use for Largemouth Bass Fishing.
  • Jigs
  • Lindy Rigs
  • Rapala's
  • Crank Baits / Spinner Baits
  • Live Bait - Leeches, Crawlers and Minnows