Lake Trout Fishing in Ontario

Lake Trout fishing is only available on Pipestone Lake and Loonhaunt lake. You can choose to travel by boat or fly-in to fish.

Pipestone Lodge can be a resort of choice when Lake Trout is what you are after. Art and Jenny are very nice people and would love to have you up at their camp.
Lake Trout is one of the prized northern Canadian game fishes. Since they like to live in the deep cold lakes of Canada's north they are adapted to the cold water, Trout isn't commonly found in small ponds or rivers.

Sometimes the best Lake Trout fishing can be found in the lakes far in the north, which are only accessible by float plane. Trout are usually found in water at about 54 degrees or below. In the hot summer months Trout can be found as deep as 200 feet or even more to find a low water temperature.

Lake trout have a forked tail, large head and eyes with grey-green silver skin, spotted sides and a white belly. The average weight of the lake trout is about 2-11 pounds.

Lake Trout eat fish in their own habitat, so good baits to use on them are sucker minnows, chubs, other lake trout, shiners, minnows. They also eat crustaceans, small mammals, and insects in their habitat, often adjusting their diet to what's available.

Immediately after the ice-out lake trout can be found near the surface, which calls for different fishing techniques. The best type of bait for this type of fishing is the minnow or rapala, trolling can be used with a slow to medium speed using fluorescent colors. Colors such as green, black and blue can be effective on bright clear days.

The 2 to 4-pounders are the best for eating. Any bigger Lake Trout should be let go, as they are the breeders.

Lemon Lake Trout:


2 lb fresh lake trout
2 crushed cloves of garlic
1 sprig each of fresh basil
1 lemon
1/4 cup olive oil
Cracked black pepper and salt

Finely chop the herbs and crushed garlic and cut the lemon in half lenghtwise. mix the lemon juice with the herbs, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil and rub the trout with the mixture. Then add the mixture and the lake trout into a seal able plastic bag. Seal and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Barbecue the laker over hot coals about 3-5 minutes per side basting liberally with the herbed lemon garlic mixture.

Serve with lemon cut into wedges and parsley for a garnish.