Muskie Fishing in Ontario

Muskie are very aggressive in early fall. The best time of day is during the low light periods (early morning and late evening). Fishing can be good throughout the day on overcast days as well.

There are two kinds of Muskie found in Ontario. There is the standard Muskellunge and the Tiger Muskie. A natural Muskellunge can reach sizes of up to 58 inches. Tiger muskie are a highbred between a Muskellunge and a Pike.

Muskie are like Pike is some ways, they like to ambush their prey. Muskie hang around rock shoals, weed lines and where-ever there is a large population of other fish to be eaten.

The largest muskie ever caught with rod and reel weighed 67 pounds and was caught in Hayward, Wisconsin on July 24, 1949.